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Barbados is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the most easterly of all the islands in the island chain. It has a population of about 270,000 people, the majority of African descent. However there are people of every racial designation on the island.
The weather is charming...errr....hot, most of the time but during the cool months of December and January it can be quite chilly in the night and early morning. Barbados has some of the best white sand beaches you'll find anywhere in the Caribbean. Add to this the stable political climate and you see why Barbados and the Caribbean generally are so popular with the cruise line industry and tourists in general.
There's a lot more you can find online, but the best way is to check it out for yourself here at www.barbados.org. If you're one of those terribly unfortunate people who don't live here, then why not take a trip. See a larger map.
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