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surgeon *TREVOR
Trevor ('Tshep') trained in Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados before leaving for the UK where he gained his Fellowship in General Surgery in 1980. But there's much more. After attending St Giles Primary School he then went on to become one of those special people who enter Combermere School, quite frankly the greatest secondary school in the world. There, when cadet training, small arms practice, debating, drama and IVCF activities afforded the time, he eagerly sucked up all the Spanish, English and Geography he could in the senior school, gaining a Barbados Scholarship in 1968.
Medical training began in 1970 at the Mona Campus in Jamaica. Since graduating, Trevor has been involved heavily in church activities - teaching Sunday School, playing clarinet, saxophone, trumpet (- mostly not so well, but enjoying it). He is a part time writer, an avid runner, walker, swimmer, self-styled computer programmer.
When the mood takes him, rides a hot red Kawasaki sports motorbike - usually to get away from town and take on the lovely hills of St John and St Andrew. Here's a quick sample of what you can see. Trevor is co-owner of Shekinah Medical Centre with his wife, Agatha. See also the Staff at Shekinah Medical.