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Shekinah Medical Centre, Inc., Wildey, St Michael, Barbados bb14005, West Indies.
Tel: (246)-426-9983/4; Fax (245)-429-6507; Email: the Staff Or the Doctors
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Our Office Manager, Marcel King, has been with us for ages - for more than twenty years and has worked in almost all the staff positions at Shekinah Medical Centre, moving steadily up to her present position. Guyanese by birth, Marcel is solid and dependable.
We've seen her sad; we've seen her happy; we've seen her flustered; sometimes she might be late, perhaps even a bit tardy. But we've never seen Marcel angry or disrespectful. Even when we tend to be cranky and impatient, Marcel remains......Marcel. Maybe that's why she's been with us so long.
She keeps an eye (well, she's supposed to..) on Michelle, our Receptionist and Daine, our Office Help. Oh...and on the Doctors as well. That's Marcel.