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creation *Modern Surgery
Michaelangelo's depiction of Creation provides one perspective on the first surgical event in man's history. God is recorded in the Bible taking a rib out of Adam's side to make woman. Poor Adam! Imagine - no modern hospital, no nurses to help him to the bathroom. And no general anaesthesia. How he must have ached with that long incision in his chest! Nevertheless, surgery was born. In the days of yore the surgeon did everything that required cutting, literally from head to toe.

In today's world surgical specialties have substantially eased the burden of the surgeon. Neurosurgery looks after head injuries, Orthopedics takes care of broken limbs, Urologists deal with prostates and bladder problems, ENT specialists remove failing thyroid glands and tonsils, while chest physicians and thoracic surgeons deal with issues related to the heart and lungs.Even within these specialties there are now several sub-specialties.

But the General Surgeon is still eagerly sought after to deal with a multitude of ailments and disorders like hernias, inflamed gall bladders and appendices, tumours of the intestines and colon, various superficial but nevertheless uncomfortable lumps and bumps. He also often deals with conditions that while properly belonging to other specialties are usually considered too trivial to attract the attention of the specialist, like circumcisions (urology). And though many female conditions are now treated by the gynecologist, it remains the surgeon who usually deals with female breast cancer. Long live the General Surgeon. Now see what Obstetrics and Gynecology offers.