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Shekinah Medical Centre is now listed as an online payee at two major banking establishments - CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, and the Bank of Nova Scotia. This means that if you have online banking facilities at either of these banks, paying us online is simple and easy. The steps are outlined below.
At CIBC FirstCaribbean Internationl Bank: This sets up your account to pay us online. To actually make the payment:
At Scotia Bank, the process is very similar. This sets up the account. When you need to pay, navigate to Create Bill Payment, select the account from which you will pay, and in Select Payee, choose Shekinah Medical from the list and proceed. scotiapay

Note that unlike FirstCaribbean International, there's no field at Scotiabank for your name, so do be VERY careful to enter your filenumber correctly. An incorrect entry may redirect your payment to someone else - or no-one!!
Generally, we will contact you to confirm these payments. For insurance companies, credit unions and other such entities making payments on behalf of patients, we would have liked to have a field to identify you but this could not be arranged. It would therefore be a good idea to give the office a call either before or after making a payment on behalf of a patient so we would know to whom to address the receipt.
Before you type a file number in any of these online banking facilities, it would be a good idea to use our Code Validator here which tells you if a file number is valid or not.
Type the file number: